I wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. Confessions of a Recovering Med Student is my journey from the time I was 3, until now. And on into the future. A journey full of smiles and tears, happiness and heartbreak. This is mainly for my own personal edification, figuring stuff out and all, but hopefully y’all can get some joy, or solace, or whatever out of it 🙂

LeeAndy is a self-proclaimed nerd (which is not at all disputed by her friends!), who enjoys (almost) all things science, sci-fi, natural history, math, literature, ancient civs, mythology, British Isles, and music. She also enjoys Portillos, being obsessed with professionalism on the rare occasion that she is intoxicated, and listening to/belting her lungs out to music intended for gals 10+ years her junior.